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Hope's Columbarium


Hope's Columbarium


The term columbarium is derived from the Latin columba or dovecote, the dove being a symbol of God's spiritual peace.  Dovecote is a term originally used to describe the spaces or niches in stone walls or rocks where doves and pigeons created their nesting spots.

For centuries, Christians have created columbariums, consisting of niches to receive the inurned remains of their loved ones. Likewise, it has long been the practice to place the remains of their loved ones near their sanctuaries of worship.

In keeping with this tradition, Hope Church's Columbarium offers a final resting place for the cremated remains of our members and their families.

The Carolyn and Irving Wheeler Columbarium Garden was dedicated in March 2008 in the Gardens of Hope. This beautiful courtyard of walled niches provides a sacred interment area located next to Hope's Sanctuary. The Columbarium and surrounding gardens offer a peaceful and sacred environment for the reverent memories of loved ones.

Individuals and families are welcome to reserve a niche or niches, as part of their plans for future needs. The information here outlines in general the policies for reservation of niches.  Our Columbarium Packet contains a copy of our complete policies and a reservation form. They are available in our Church Narthex (in the Sanctuary building) and in the Church office.



Who is eligible?

Eligibility for interment in the Columbarium will be determined in accordance with Church policy and is limited to the Hope Presbyterian Church members to include immediate and extended family members.

What are the rules?

  1. No cremated remains may be interred in the Columbarium without a committal service. Services may be held in the Church Sanctuary, the Gardens of Hope, or elsewhere.
  2. The Columbarium will be accessible to visitors at all times when the Church is open to the public or on special occasions.
  3. Flowers and mementos will be allowed only in the designated areas of the Columbarium and will be removed by Church personnel when appropriate.

How much does it cost?

The current fees,subject to change, for interment in the Columbarium are as follows::

  1. Single niches are $1500.
  2. Niches in the lower row or those assigned by the Church are $1000.
  3. A niche name plate inscribed with the departed's name, year of birth, and year of death will be provided by the Church at no additional cost.

What else do I need to know?

  1. Only cremated remains in appropriate containers may be placed inside the Columbarium niches. A container for the remains is included with the purchase of a niche. Substitute containers must fit into a niche space that is 6 inches in diameter and 8-5/8 inches in depth. All substitute containers must be approved by the Church.
  2. Legal title to the Columbarium niches remains with Hope Presbyterian Church. Hope Church reserves the right to enlarge, remodel, or relocate the Columbarium within its campus.
  3. Hope Church families wishing their remains deposited in a niche must first complete a Niche Reservation Application and indicate their preference of niche location.
  4. The Columbarium Committee will review each application and notify the applicant of niche space availability. Upon notification of acceptance and receipt of payment, a Certificate of Reservation will be issued, together with a copy of the policies and regulations governing the use and management of the Columbarium.

We welcome inquiries and questions. Please call the Church office (863-324-6382) for more information.